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Kit of 43 Designer Page Templates for Canva.

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Kit of 39 Designer Page Templates for Canva.

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Kit of 37 Designer Page Templates for Canva.

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Kit of 79 Designer Page Templates for Canva.

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Kit of 96 Designer Page Templates for Canva.

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What our customers say

I LOVE these templates!

I found one that generally fit my project and had a 13-page lead magnet customized and built in a fraction of the time it would have taken me to do myself.

Such a time saver! And the designs are gorgeous!

Chris Shull, Heyday Web Media

These beautiful templates are a Godsend to me

The time (hours) I would normally spend creating products from scratch has been eliminated. Helps me to stay in my lane as a content creator and not a designer. Thanks for such awesome designs and making my work much easier!

Devin Stubblefield

I bumped into Evertemplates from an ad on Instagram and OMG!

Best set of Canva templates I have seen as a creative. The idea that I can save time, money and look good doing it was an easy decision.

Yetunde Shorters

Evertemplates go much deeper...

...than the existing templates you can find. There is a LOT to choose from to get to the perfect design. I can't wait to see the rest of the templates after they launch!

Erika Bryant

Evertemplates are very professional...

...and really give your business branding that extra touch. It takes a lot of the guesswork out of creating your own "look" by giving you excellent ideas to transform your assets into consistently beautiful documents and eye catching social media.

I'm so glad I found these.

Lima Bergmann

These templates are a life saver!

The plug and play templates make it easy to customize. I knocked out an 12 page eBook in a fraction of the time this week! The social media templates also step up your game with professional, eye catching designs.You won't be disappointed!

Nicole Scudder

Simple. Beautiful. What a great value

There are plenty of tools that save you time, but when find a tool that makes life easier, saves time, and produces beautiful results... that's value! Many thanks!!!

Jeff Turner